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emogoticgirl's picture
on March 31, 2014 - 11:18am

Let's see... I'm furious because I have to do some work in a group which doesn't give a f*** about it and it's always me who has to prepare all the stuff and it's also me who has to yield with my schedule and this and it's me who has to finish it all !!!!!! AGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why am I the only one who cares about my futureeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I' m also mad at some friends because they are sooo laid and this makes me nervous I need a little bit of reaction from someone is it as complicated!!?? And then some of them are tooo interested in my life and it's insane! and others only care for themselves because (it has happened many times with the same person) I tell them something important 4 me like a day I was really really sad and couldn't help crying because a guy I knew was killed and that person said "aha. Guess what?: I've just bought a t-shirt!!!! I'm so excited!!!" A T-SHIRT!! and I was like WTF!!!! you don't even care 4 mee you can't even understand I'm not ok and u tell me stupid stuff when you see I need someone to talk to thx gal. and then it's me the rude person they look at me and say "why are u like this" are u blind? omg.

Well sorry to people who are reading this, I needed to write this down somewhere and this page makes me feel safe.