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Where I WAs

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on November 22, 2013 - 5:05am

Hey guys,
I don’t if you guys noticed, but I’ve been away for nine days. Why? I had to go to the hospital. I think that all of you guys deserve to know where I was, because I trust all of you.
It started on November 10th, when I relapsed with the unspeakable. I’d say what I did, but then this will be taken down. Yeah, I did that. Then I did it again around 9:00 pm on November 11th. I did it a lot, and I was scared. So I texted ToEveryEnemy from this site, we’re very good friends, and she told me that I had to tell someone and get help. I didn’t feel comfortable telling my parents in the moment, and I knew I needed more help this time. So I dialed 911. The police and ambulance were there within 3 minuets, and as soon as I saw the flashing lights, I was so nervous. I’d never been that scared before. I raced down the stairs and outside. The police men saw me, and one went in to the house to tell my mom they were taking me and the others helped me into the ambulance. As I rode to the ER, there was a man in the ambulance named Josh, who was a very nice person. When I got to the ER they dressed my leg and I sat there doing NOTHING for, literally, six hours. Skip a little while, slept, then next morning they took me to the CDU (Child development unit) Where I made friends, went to group therapy, ate pasta with maple syrup, laughed and cried, and formed a satanic cult. I actually liked it there.
I got home on the 20th, and I feel a lot better now.
Comment or inbox me with any questions or comments :)
- Z