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Morning coffee thoughts 332

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fefedarkboy13's picture
on November 4, 2013 - 5:57am

Morning everyone

It seems like I try to keep myself out of a rut by making a new one and then just going back into the old one. it's really hard to keep a routine from turning in to a rut epically of you've been doing it for a few years. Anyways I haven't been able to watching the news cause my cable box has been acting funny, it most like is that it's just dying on me. In album news we're almost done with my second long song all we need to do is finish the lead guitar and do the vocals. I'm also writing some more stuff for this album and I have even started to thinking about the next album yet. Lastly If you've read my blog posts in the last few days you may have noticed that I'm short of mixed on how to feel about the holiday and that because I don't know what to except out of them other then I now I will work on Thanksgiving. it's just hard to know if it's going to be a good holiday session this year. That's all I have on my mind

Thanks for reading and have a lovely morning