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Brunch thoughts 129

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fefedarkboy13's picture
on November 1, 2013 - 7:22am

Hey guys

So yesterday I didn't blog yesterday because my computer was froze on me and I had to reboot it so I ended up not having time to use the computer yesterday, it also froze on me when I got home from work but it's working fine today. Anyways with the holidays coming on I know there's a chance that I will be in a for like of a better work awkward mood, Meaning that I'll be stressed with figuring out what my family is doing for them and also slightly depressed cause it makes me realize the my childhood is over and will never come back, yeah you can "relive" it from nostalgia but sadly the fact is it's going and it's never coming back. Lastly I have some advice for you young ones that want to learn guitar buy a guitar that your fingering hand is the had that you write with it will help you a lot. That's all I have on my mind.

thanks for reading and have a lovely day.