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morning coffee thoughts 115

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fefedarkboy13's picture
on September 20, 2013 - 6:02am

Morning everyone

So I'm going to get political for a minute if you guys have been watching the news lately you know that the government is getting closes to yet another shutdown and what I think is going to happen is that we're going to go over the deadline and then come up with a solution the next day. I really think that the government needs to shutdown for at lest one month so that the goddamn lazy politician in congress can get a wake up call that tells them they need to work together. Anyways I feel like I'm changing my routine up more then I used to and I have been a lot more busy in the past few months so that has something to do with it and I also am enjoying life a lot more. In album news we have a new peace of technology that we start using last time. Lastly I really feel like I should change my blog schedule but I don't really want to take away anything from you guys. That's all I have on my mind.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely morning.