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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on September 17, 2013 - 8:08am

Now I know
That I can't make you stay
But where's your heart?
But where's your heart?
But where's your...

And I know
There's nothing I can say
To change that part
To change that part
To change...

So many
Bright lights, they cast a shadow
But can I speak?
Well is it hard understanding
I'm incomplete
A life that's so demanding
I get so weak
A love that's so demanding
I can't speak

Well isn't it lovely to know that the one ex you still have feelings for that you have been dating on and off completely hates you?

To the point of where we where at one time dating on and off since 16 and at that time she stated she wanted to marry me and have my kids.

what a two faced bitch! later in the relationship I broke up with her several times for different reasons as well as her breaking up with me.

I went my seperate way, became a Pagan and practiced witchcraft.

later on I came crawling back to her after several attempts to die.

afterwards she said she would help but I had to change my life around and commit my life to Christ.

That pissed me off on the inside, but I never let her know.

So I played her game that she sent me through hell and shot me through the heart.

She gives love a bad name ( FUCK YOU).

^ see what I did there? two refrences about music and lyrics.

(yes I reference shit)

anyways story short the bitch claims that I hurt her emotionally and psyhically how the fuck could I have hurt her that way if I never even fucking met her in real life to even beat or rape her?

she is claiming this shit as if I did rape her.


she then comes crawling back to me about a year ago calls me up late on night around midnight and says I'm drunk and I have been cutting myself, idk what to do please help me.

I said well shit idk what to do either cuz I can't drive to come get you.

anyways out of nowhere she's all cock balls penis vagina on me, and I laughed cuz she's cute when she's drunk.

and I'm like laughing and shit and she's bawling her eyes out and she's all it's not funny.

so then she like hangs up and about 2 days later confesses she had drunk sex with some douche who she is now engaged to while she was dating me breifly after the year of her crawling back to me for about 3 months.

[ does any of this make any since?]

so the bitch cheated on me and reversed everything that happened to me to make it seem like it happened to her and I'm the bad guy.


I'm sick of this shit keep happening to me.

so moral of the story I fucking get on Youtube and sing my heart out confessing how I feel about her and that I'm sorry for whatever the fuck I did to her.

after 2 weeks she saw the vid and messages me on facebook to announce to me that she's engaged and she hates me.

I believe I'll never find anyone that loved me like her ( when she still loved me)

I am a fallen angel.

I am the cause to all your problems

were concentrating on starting a fight I just want to believe

we where contenders on starting a fight I just want to believe