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morning coffee thoughts 307

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fefedarkboy13's picture
on August 23, 2013 - 6:00am

Morning everyone

Well my sleeping pattern is back to normal I guess it was because I was staying up late and getting up early. I can do that it just becomes habit to stay up late after two nights. and before I had a job I would stay up until 1 in the morning maybe 3 at the latest and I still have nights where I can't sleep. Anyways I really enjoy traveling and staying in hotels. It just can get in the way of blogging especially the last trip I took I could have brought my laptop but know what we ended up doing that morning I wouldn't have felt like blogging when I got back to the hotel. In album news my fist long song is done and we're moving on to the second one. Now I need to change my strings on my guitar and the bass probably needs the too but the thing is it's cheaper to wait a little longer to change your strings even though your guitar won't sound as good if you wait 3 months. Lastly I'm really enjoying being busy and I guess taking an extra day off from blogging isn't bad either but I feel like I disappoint you guys when I don't blog on days I normal do. That's all I have on my mind.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your morning.