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can't sleep

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lostn'foundagain's picture
on June 9, 2013 - 1:54am

so guys, i haven't posted in forever... what's up? well, other than the sky. (*failed attempt at being funny*) as you can tell, I can't sleep. it's already 2:53. same thing happened last night, the night before, and I can just never sleep... so I have concluded that I hate sleep; it takes forever to happen, and when it does it ends too soon... so if you have any ideas on helping me get a better sleep, I'm open to 'em.... but ya, it kinda feels like the pull of my knife is getting harder and harder to resist... im worried i'll end up just pulling it out, cutting and bleeding... but I'll continue resisting... on a happier note, my boyfriend and I are still dating... actually, he was over until about 10:30 when my dad finally came downstairs drunk saying he had to go home...~~~ I feel like a total idiot right now... all my life I've felt cooped up, tonight I was finally going to at least walk out the window for air, but for the zillionth time, I pussied out... it was poobly better that way... have any of you ever snuck out before? is it worth it? doubt it, but I still want to try, if only for the rush of it... so I should sum this up, it's a shit ton longer than I intended...
~so long killjoys.~