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inoyu49's picture
on February 18, 2013 - 4:27pm

This is the going to be the last part to my drama fanfic I Brought You My Bullets, partially because this is the eleventh part and there were 11 songs on Bullets. Please enjoy!

As Helena and Gerard drove off and away from the sirens, away from the massacre in the office building, Gerard kept thinking that this is what they get. This was what they get for ignoring their feelings. That had felt worse and worse about their crimes, they were almost ready to give it all up and maybe even get married. If they had stuck it out a little longer, just like his Grandpa had said, they would have overcome their evil ways, went back to the way things were 2 years ago. But they ignored their feelings, and now they were being chased by police for comiting a horrifying massacre. He almost wanted to pull over and turn himself in, but something told him he had fighting chance, and he didn't want to jeopardize that. Him and Helena drove, avoiding the city, instead taking backroads. Eventually they drove out of the city limits, breaking through the toll booth. The police followed. As him and Helena moved passed the outskirts of the city, traffic became less and less existant and therefore, easier to avoid. They drove and Gerard began to notice they were almost out of gas. They sped anyhow. And eventually as they neared closer to the middle of nowhere. Gerard realized they were almost in desert territory. He had no idea where he was. He just needed he was running out of gas and he needed to shake the cops. He pulled over down a hill and almost next to a field of dieing grass. Helena knew what to do instantly. They opened the door and fled on foot through the grass, hopeing they could make it to the otherside and disguise themselves in the trees and bushes before getting caught. However, just as Gerard dreaded, the police did not hesitate in following the couple down the hill and chasing them on foot. The police began to fire just as Gerard and Helena neared the end of the feild. But before they could make it, the first bullets pierced the couples skin. First through the torsos, thighs, and then finally shoulders. The cops tried to avoid the faces for the families. But inevitably one of the bullets entered the back of Helenas skull and out her forehead. She fell, followed by Gerard slightly in front of her. Helena was dead. She was still. One more bullet hit Gerard in the foot as he faded. He barely even noticed the hysical pain. But it was worse that through all they had been through as a couple, how close they were to ending their crime spree, this is how it had to end. He had just watched his lover die. And now he was still. He wasn't dead yet, just caught up in though, regret. The police rushed to the bodies. Before they got there, Gerard was dead. But not before he whispered a broken "I love you" to the corpse that layed beside him.