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inoyu49's picture
on February 12, 2013 - 6:45pm

again, srry it's been so long. this is the 10th part of my newest drama fanfic. enjoy!

Gerard and Helena passed by a building in the city. It was the office building Helena used to work at before she moved to New Jersey and met Gerard. "Have i got a story about this shithole!" exclaimed Helena as she passed and pulled over around the block. "What are you stoppin' for?" asked Gerard, but Helena ignored him and continued with her story. "You see," she said, " there were only a few women working at that place, and i am the only one of them, probably to THIS day, that wasn't one of my bosses sluts. I mean constantly, they were in and out of his office, just whoring themselves out. It was awful. And he was trying to make me the same, and the rest of the peverts in that place encouraged him, and even put the moves on me. But they never got to me, no way. I knew it was wrong. I made some calls, last night after you had fallen asleep. Everyone of those assholes are still living out their miserable lives in this shithole. Even the whores, a few have gone, but most came back eventually. One even died of herpies." Gerard had comprehended her story entirely, but still asked the question, "so, why are you pulled over again?" Helena then reached over and pulled two smaller semi-automatics from her jacket. "What the hell?" said Gerard. "I thought we left those in the car." "Well," said Helena with a devilish smile, "i couldn't just leave all our "supplies". Even in the face of tragedy, i still think straight." "So, whataye need them for now?!" exclaimed Gerard. "I wanna show those bastards i'm not just a sex doll." said Helena. She wanted to exact her revenge on the perverts that inhabited her former job. Gerard yelled, "you're f*cking crazy!" a month or two ago, he would've had no problem. But after all the shit they had gone through, the remorse they had began to feel, learning that his rebellious criminal life was hereditary and would pass with time, he didn't want to commit a crime of this caliber anymore. But then he thought, remorese had been killing him recently, it was evil to him. Maybe a crime of this caliber was just what he needed to snap him out of this shit. He ignored his previous statement as he knew Helena was reading his thoughts through his facial expressions. He then said, " alright, fine" as if he had been argueing with her when really he was argueing with himself. They ran around the corner with their semi-auto's stashed in their coats. They ran, ignoring the front offices secretary, who said they need an appointment. They got into the elevator and went up to the floor where Helena had worked. And by the time, the elevator door opened, their machine guns were drawn and ready to fire. They walked out almost perfectly synchronized and began to fire blindly into the crowds of workers, breaking an almsot dead silence. Bodies began to drop, and Gerard stayed behind to finish off the main work area, while Helena moved towards her bosses office. She kicked in his door, and saw him scrambling to duck under his desk. She simply shot through the thin wood his desk was made of and killed him. When she met back up with Gerard, they were all dead. The couple dropped their weapons and evacuated back to their car, but there were already sirnes. And Gerards' remorese only got worse... he regretted that. And he had a feeling so did Helena.