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inoyu49's picture
on February 6, 2013 - 1:13pm

the 9th part to my newest drama fanfic based on my favorite MCR album!

Gerard and Helena paniced at the sound of the doorknob they jumped up and tried to run but it was too late. The door opened. Gerards' cousin walked in. And when he saw them, they stopped dead in their tracks, turned towards him, he dropped his bags and yelled "What the f*ck!" Gerard pleaded to his cousin, George, "George! Hey, i didn't think you'd be home so soon from your trip!" "What are you doing in my house! Gerard, Helena, what the hell!" "We needed a place to stay." pleaded Helena. George yelled, " You guys dissapeared from the family for 2 years and now you decide to resurface by breaking into my house?!" "Well," said Gerard, "we didn't intend to resurface. The plan was to be out before you got back. We lost our car and supplies in the city" he said desperately trying to avoid thinking of the terrorist attacks. "Where have you guys been?" yelled George. "That's not important, George, why are you back so early?" said Gerard. George said, still angry, " First of all, that is important, second of all, i came back cause Grandpa has gotten worse." Gerard and Helena looked at eachother. Gerard looked back, "What's wrong with Gandpa?" said Gerard very worried. "He's sick, cancer." said George. "But you wouldn't know that cause you've been gone for two years!" "Where is he?" said Gerard frantically. "At the hospital about 10 blocks from here." Gerard grabbed Helena and lead them out of the apartment, leaving George still in awe. "Where do you think you are going!" he yelled. But no answer. They were gone. They showed up at the hospital on foot about a half an hour later. Gerard walked into the hospital and demanded he knew which room his Grandpa was in. Him and Helena made it up to the room and barged in, locking the nurse out for some alone time. "Grandpa!" Gerard yelled as he broke down to his knees on the side of the bed, near tears. "Gerard," Grandpa said in a weak voice. " Where have you been? The families been worried sick about you." "We've been on the road, Grandpa." Gerard said, disturbed by his beloved Grandfathers state of health and even more saddened by it. "Let me guess, " said Grandpa, "you've been out doin things just to do em, aye?" "What?" said Gerard. “Look, Gerard, you’re like me. You just wanna do that you’re not supposed to. I recognized how similar you were to me when you were very young. Look, I don’t know exactly what you’ve been doing this years, probably some God awful stuff that my ears will never hear with my time left on this Earth. But I was the same way, I saw and did some awful things in my youth. And it doesn’t matter which one of us was worse, all that matters is that one day, just like me, you’re gonna find yourself. This life you’ve been living is gonna end and you’re not be gonna be happier. Just like me when I finally settled down and got married and had you’re father. And Gerard I really gotta thank you for coming to see me. It means a lot.” “No problem, Grandpa.” Said Gerard now crying. Helena stood in the back, on the verge of tears herself. Gerard thought Grampa was right, one day he would give up this life, like him and Helena had wanted for a few months now. And maybe that explained the odd remorse he’d been feeling recently: he was finding himself.