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inoyu49's picture
on January 25, 2013 - 2:11pm

the 7th part to my newest epic/drama fanfic! enjoy... i tried to upload this one twice yesterday but it wouldn't work for some reason
September 11, 2001

Gerard drove like a maniac at first, feeling as though he was being followed, despite that he and Helena both knew the cops were still in Brooklyn looking for the old mans' killers. Gerard and Helena had made it to lower Manhatten by now and the traffic was jamming up. They weren't exactly sure where they were going, just anywhere. Helena sat calmly in the passaenger. The mood was already grim for her. She stared down at a ring on her finger. Gerard had given that to her the day the ranaway together and started their life of crime. It was an engagement ring. Gerard had said to her, "As soon as we find a place where we can settle down, someplace quiet where we don't have reputations for stupid shit, we'll get married." Two years and countless additions to her reputation later, she's in the passenger seat of a car, looking at the same beat-up ring, yet to be replaced by the official wedding ring. But she knew it wasn't Gerards' fault. He had really tried to calm things down, but more victims, more cops, more problems. They drove around all night, haveing had to refill on gas once. They needed a destination, someplace to crash, hideout for a while. Neither one let the other know, but both Helena and Gerard were thinking, maybe they'd find a place to settle and leave the life of crime while they were still moderately unsuspected by the people arround them. They were both losing their edge. All the feelings of remorse came fluttering in, as if all the countless sins finally caught up to them for some unknown reason. They had ended up on a road directly faceing World Trade 1 and 2, but they were still about 2 blocks away. For whatever reason, traffic was at a dead stop. Suddenly, Helena felt a churning feeling in her stomach. She watched the sky in an unnatural, untriggered confusion, as if she had sensed the following events. She looked out the right passenger window and saw a plane flying close to the ground. Meanwhile, Gerard stared directly ahead of him, not noticing the plane untill it crashed directly into the Northern Tower. Helena instantly screamed, Gerard was too shocked to do anything but sit in a silence of awe. Helena opened the door to stick her head out and puke. Gerard jiggled the handle to his door without looking, or really focusing on anything except the smoke in the sky. Then, out of the sky, a second plane swerved and hit the Southern Tower, almost as if... it had gone out of its way to hit the tower. Gerard mumbled to himself, "Oh. Shit. This could not have been an accident. Not both." Helena without thinking ran from the car, away from the sight. Gerard followed, also without thinking. As he ran to catch up to Helena, he just kept thinking "No way that was an accident."