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inoyu49's picture
on January 22, 2013 - 3:59pm

my newest drama fanfic! enjoy...

Helena and Gerard looked at eachother in fear. They had just commited a violent murder and robbery and the cops were coming closer and closer. "Quick! Gerard, just go in the f*cking house!" Gerard panicked and kicked in the door. He scrambled around the house for keys. Helena jumped in the door and closed it behind her. Gerard ran upstairs still looking for the keys. It didn't seem as though anyone was home. Yet, the car was right outside. Running through the upstairs hallway, Gerard passed the bathroom... and an eerie sight that Gerard only glimpsed enough to make him backstep out of curiosity. Gerard stared into the bathroom. Lying in the full tub of blood was a middle-aged man with his slit wrists. Gerard stared in awe. What could it take to do that to yourself? What pain could possibly enough to push the edge. And then he thought of himself. He had killed countless times on the run. And he thought of the dead mans' family. How bad they will feel. And the familys' of all the people he's killed. How much worse they must feel knowing that the person who did them an injustice has never come to justice. But there was no more time to think. He ran into the bedroom and found the keys in a coat spread out on the bed. He ran back downstairs, met up with Helena, and the couple jetted out of the house. Gerard almost couldn't focusing on makeing a getaway as he stuck the key in the ignition. He was too cought up in the image of the man lying there with his wrists slit. He almost dosed off before Helena yelled, "C'mon! Drive!" Gerard snapped out of it and stepped his foot on the gas. They headed towards the city. The date was September 10, 2001...