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inoyu49's picture
on January 20, 2013 - 3:22pm

The 5th part to my newest drama story/fanfic! enjoy!

They left the old mans' house just as the sirens went on. But they couldn't take the trailer, it would be too suspicious. They ran around the corner, down a block, and ducked into an alley where they rested hidden behind a dumpster, with their other side hidden by a fence in the middle of the alley. The stuck there heads out in time to see two cop cars rush past the alley, not noticeing Gerard or Helena. They stuck there heads over the fence and saw the same cars rush past the other side of the alley. They heard tires screech and quickly hopped the fence before the cops could pass them again. They ran across the street and ducked into another alley. They waited in the shadows for about 3 mintues until the sirens stopped. They went back around the corner to find two cop cars and an ambulance parked at the old mans house. There was a man, presumably a neighbor, that was explaining that he had seen " a man with black hair in a black jacket" jump from the window of the house and into the pool, where he drowned the man. Gerard had been spotted by this neighbor in the midst of the murder. Gerard and Helena ducked back into another alley, where the took some clothes from their sack. Gerard changed into something the cops wouldn't be looking for, left his old clothes there, and then the couple ran a safe 5 1/2 blocks away. They needed an ecscape vehicle to make it to the city, where they could blend in. They spotted a car about a block ahead. It seemed to be the only car parked in the street as opposed to a driveway. They ran towards it, only to find it was locked. "Well," Helena said, "break the window and hotwire that shit". "Are you crazy"? Gerard said, "The cops are down the block looking for us, and you want me to break into a car that might have an alarm? Besides, i don't even know how to hotwire." Helena thought. "Well then," go inside and find the keys." she said. "Again, are you crazy? Another home invasion? And the person is probably home, which might lead to another murder." They were stumped. Then the sirens started again as the cop cars rushed down the block. They had to think of something fast.