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inoyu49's picture
on January 17, 2013 - 12:33pm

The 4th part to my newish drama story... enjoy!

Gerard didn't want to fight, but it was so simple. Helena was trying to take things they didn't need. It was dead weight and there was no reason to take anything but the necesseties: food and new clothes. He tried to explain this, but she lashed and didn't listen. She wanted to take those dishes and silverware. Gerard didn't understand and thought about just letting her have it. It wouldn't be THAT bad. But it was the principle. If he let her win over something so stupid after the fight both of them had just put up, she would mistake his kindness for weakness and take advantage of him in the future. He couldn't risk it. "Helena, you are not taking that useless shit!" he yelled with ferocity. "Now drop it!" he demanded. He saw her consider it and even get a little nervous of Gerards' dark side turned on her. But she stould her ground, fighting with the same arguement that Gerard had presented to himself only moments before. "It's not that big of a deal! We don't need it, but we don't need to leave it! It doesn't matter!" she stated. "But we're barely gonna use them before we have to evacuate the trailer. We're in the city now, a trailer going around is a little out of the ordinary in the middle of a city. We're gonna have it to leave it somewhere. And when we pack our shit vacate, we're not takeing that shit, the plates and stuff. So there's no point! It's stupid!" Gerard said. "You're stupid! And can't believe we're fighting about this! It's bullshit! I'm takeing this." Helena said "No you are not, Helena" said Gerard. "F*ck you!" said Helena. "F*ck you!" said Gerard. Without thinking Helena freaked out and tossed one of the dishes straight at Gerards' head. He ducked, barely avoiding it, and in a second, Gerards' switchblade was drwan, open and in the air, heading towards Helena. She swirved to the right, missing it and she yelled, "What the hell is wrong with you!?" Silence. What was wrong with the both of them. Gerard dropped. He sat against the wall in tears of sorrows and thought. Helena sighed and turned around putting her hand to her forhead in disbelief. Gerard said, "I'm sorry" too quiet for Helena to even hear. He thought about how terrible he felt after drowning the old man. He had never felt bad about killing like that before. He was losing his edge. And Helenas' dream was eating at him too. Vampires saying to repent or be punished, maybe she had a guilty conscious too. What was wrong with them? What ever it was, it had to go now.