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inoyu49's picture
on January 12, 2013 - 4:58pm

the 3rd part to my new drama story!

Helena and Gerard had been on the road as runaway criminals for almost 2 years and NEVER had they made such a stupid mistake as breaking into a house in broad daylight while the owner was home! Gerard reached the top of the stairs and saw the pull string to a compartment on the ceiling. He pulled to reveal the ladder to the attic. He climbed it and saw the window that overlooked the pool. Opening the window he looked down into the back and at the pool. The old man had not noticed him, which meant he had succeeded so far. He took a nervous breath and jumped. He felt the adrenaline take over from there as he landed on the old man, banging the mans head on the bottom of the pool. Gerard pulled up bringing his head out of the water and held the man under. Helena worked quickly inside, stuffing the sack full of food. She rushed upstairs and packed clean clothes. Gerard was struggling to hold him under. For an old man, he had a lot of fight in him. Gerard realized the horror of what he was doing in the middle. But it was too late. The man floated face down in his pool. Gerard climbed out and walked in soaken wet. Helena was just getting done packing silverwarte and plates. "What do we need all that shit for?" he said. "What shit, these dishes?" she said. "Yeah." Gerard said as though it was the most obvious thing. "What do you mean." she said. "I mean, it's just extra weight. We don't need it. We have trays and plates in the trailer." And then they argued. It would escalate into the only real fight they had ever had as a couple.