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inoyu49's picture
on January 10, 2013 - 12:46pm

2nd part of my new epic/drama! enjoy...

Gerard and Helena had driven for about a half day and stopped still a mile or two from New York. It was dark and they were close to civilization so they parked the trailer behind a large group of trees and slept there until morning. Upon sunrise, Helena woke up with a jolt, scaring Gerard awake. Helena was breathing a little heavily. Gerard said, "What's wrong?" "Oh, did i wake you?" said Helena. Gerard lied and said, "No." so he didn't hurt her feelings. "Did you hsve a nightmare?" he asked. "Well, yeah, i was kinda dreamin' of, like, hell and there were vampires." Gerard thought this was a little weird but let her talk, "They were kinda sayin' somethin' about changing ways or directions or something, you know, and they were threatening me if i didn't. And oh, they were like i was going to hell, and going to suffer and be in paiin, and..." Gerard cut her off. He grabbed her face gently and made her face him. "Listen to me honey, vampires will never hurt you. Not as long as i'm around." he smiled at her reassuringly and she felt at ease. they drove through the EZ pass lane, one of the ones without the stand or bar, just the drive by one that picks up signals, so the trailer would fit. They traveled through the backroads and less populated parts of New York. Helena brought up that they hadn't had a change of clothes in a month and that they were almost out of food. They figured they stop at a house and take some necessesties. They looked for an empty house to invade. They saw one house with no car in the driveway and the gate open. They parked around the block and walked back, looking through all possible windows and not spotting anybody, they kicked in the front door and ran to the kitchen. Opening the fridge they started shoveing food into a sack. Then Gerard noticed out of the corner of his eye through a sliding glass door that there was some splashing in the pool. It was an old man. The owner of the house... was home. He showed Helena. She gasped. "Hide." said Gerard. "I'll get on this." he ran upstairs.