FirstL Fuck Me, Second: The Hunting Party Review

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FirstL Fuck Me, Second: The Hunting Party Review

First thing first. I fucking hate myself and it is because of a small yet big thing. When I was writing the review on this blog, I was trying to move the horizontal cursor to the left by holding shift and scroll down. And little did I know, that action causes the internet to go back to a previous page. I wasn't able to cancel the process and when I went back to the blog page, all those efforts of putting all of my stupid jokes and passionate criticisms on my review fucking gone! Gone fucking gone gone gone!!!! You fucking shitball of fucked-ups!! You--I hate myself!! Myself is a fucking disaster!!! Fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU--

Welcome to my next review: Music-by FUCKING LINKIN PAAAAARRRRK

*opening theme of Sid's Music Review* du da da du da du dadadadalaaaaaaa This is Sid's Music Review (Just a small part-time not-job...Haha, get it? "Not-job"--"nut job". Yeah, it's funny...)

Okay soooo I'm not going to write a longer blog and messed the fuck up again. So this will be a short review because I just lost my passion in writing a more detailed review after that fucked-up incident. But you should be fucking glad, though. You don't have to read a long history about Linkin Park. Anyway, this is...


What you need to know about the album:
-more heavy rock influence than its predecessors
-Hybrid Theory, fans' hatred and Mike's "too electronically rock" materials are their inspiration to make this album

Songs list:
Keys To The Kingdom- LIKE
-good introduction to the album's concept
-interesting end of the song

All For Nothing- FAVOURITE
-love the "you said" shouting and the "all for nothing" shouting
-nice guitar riff
-the rap fits to the rock sound of the track better than most previous rap songs

Guilty All The Same- FAVOURITE
-easily the most favourite among the rest of the album
-incredible heavy pre-intro that suddenly goes to the silent "calling" from the melodic guitar riff/solo
-the rap by Rakim is sick
-heavy yet soft melody all over the track
-thought the end of the track would have the melodic guitar riff back before doing the really sick outro guitar riff

The Summoning- MIXED
-it is an intro song (not a bad thing but with that kind of name, you would think the song would be godly epic)
-it is what it is: the summoning
-it is making ready for the next song
-reminds me of A Thousand Sun track song

-truly heavily punk influence
-fast and heavy drumming with fast guitar riff
-really, really sick solo

Wastelands- FAVOURITE
-at first mixed for some reason
-most probably because the chorus part sounds like the chorus of "Guilty All The Same"
-later the song wins me after making a better comparison
-loves the "raising guitar riff" to the silent Chester's shout

Until It's Gone- FAVOURITE
-also easily the most favourite among the rest of the album
-the song later uses the "four chords arrangement" (the most overused musical arrangement) but puts it into really good use

Rebellion- LIKE
-feels more heavy metal especially with how the guitar sounds
-there is also a sense of melodic symphony somewhere in between

Mark The Graves- LIKE
-the intro here sounds like it's going to be a "happy" song
-until that swept away with the heavy guitar riff and drumming that has a small western influence
-and then the "happy" tune comes back
-which I later realized...the "happy" tune resembles the outro of "Blackout" from their album A Thousand Suns.
-why did I separate those into each point?
-The solo part was awesome

-this track makes me want MORE from this track
-the piano play oddly gives a sense of peace with the guitar plucking and march drumming

Final Masquerade- LIKE
-I feel like this song seems out of place
-while the other tracks in this album has a sense of melody underneath the heavy rock
-this song
-feels like
-(STOP IT!!!!!!)
......(now, do it normally.)
-this song feels like it is supposed to be in the b-side of Living Things or in the deluxe edition of "Minutes To Midnight" alongside "No Roads Left"
-still a good song but just out of place
-Chester's echo in the outro sounds very real unlike most of the songs in Living Things and A Thousand Suns that contains the use of echo

A Line In The Sand- HATE
-I like the intro, it fills up that dark sense of something big going to come
-but oh my fucking GOD.....the chorus arrangement of the song....
-It is a ripoff of to "Guilty All The Same"!!!! What the fuck?!! Like why??!! Why the fuck are you using back the riff?!! That is just lazy!!
-Sure, it's a good song but I can't help but feel pissed of how lazy and lame they are for using back the chorus arrangement from another song that is already inside the same album as this song!
-Seriously, why?!!
-*flashback to all the songs especially the first song and "Guilty All The Same" while listening the outro of this song* Oh-My-Fucking-God....Oh-My-Fucking-God....Linkin Park....YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING GENIUS!!! This is not just an album full of heavy rock songs---This is a story book full of heavy rock songs that tells the story.
-My God, this is unintentionally a concept album!! This final song has the arrangement to create a reflection of what the story is told in the song "Guilty All The Same". Why "Guilty All The Same" and not "Keys To The Kingdom"?....
-.....Okay, fuck it--there's no story here
-But I still like this song none the less, I guess
-*HATE change to LIKE*


Conclusion: I wouldn't say the best, but this album deserves to be in a rockers' mp3 player. All of the songs are amazing and very heavy rock with a lot of angst, while still have that melodic pattern and rhythm. The rap and rock here is prove to be quite effective, and probably more effective than the rap and rock style in A Thousand Suns and Living Things. It goes to show that you don't have electronic elements to make the rap works in the world of rock & roll. The lyrics are, as always, very metaphoric and have some references based on reality. But some of the songs like Guilty All The Same and Wastelands are easily definable. If I were to compare this album with Hybrid Theory and Meteora, I would say that "the prequel has outshamed its sequel finally". And when I say "finally", I was refer to how most of the prequel movies or games aren't as strong or better than the sequel before. Proof? Star Wars Prequels.

*Outro song* da da da da du du du du du da du la la laaaaa....