In One of My Moods... Again.

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In One of My Moods... Again.

As the title says, I'm in a mood (and not a very good one). In fact, I feel as though I could cry at any moment. I'm kinda depressed... Again.

I could try to find the source (which I believe is being at home and restricted again after having a taste of what freedom tasted like and having so many damn expectations to meet in order to not disappoint my parents [which I still manage to do somehow]), but what good does that do when even showing my emotions gets me a stern look and a lecture? What I'm getting at is the fact that I pretty much know how I'm feeling and the cause(s) thereof, but I can't vent in any way, shape, or form. It fucking sucks.

I really do apologize for my rant posts, but I don't really have other outlets (I'm friends with my parents on Facebook, my brother follows me on Twitter, and who rants on Tumblr? Plus, my friends would most likely say I'm being over dramatic again and need to grow the fuck up.) and music only goes so far sometimes.