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Revolution: MCR Pt. 10

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inoyu49's picture
on December 16, 2012 - 6:32am

the 10th part to my drama/epic fanfic! please enjoy!!

Alexander sat at his small home in New York. His babysitter while his mother was in Maryland was a easily-agitated old foreign woman known mostly by her last name: Black, the color of her soul. He was watching the news and he saw the riot at the police station. And there at the front of it all was his mother. He decided it was finally time to see what the fuss was all about; he went into Jennys' room when Mrs. Black wasn't looking and took out a random CD. He put it in the CD player and sat down to listen to a few tracks while he studied the artwork on the cover of a spider overlapping a desert with black and purpleish words. He finally understood what Jenny was fighting: these lyrics didn't promote fighting, they promoted fighting back. They encouraged people to be themselves. And then he looked at his own mother on the news and realized that there would've been less violence if POP didn't try to take away peoples lifesyles. They were the real reason everyone was getting so angry and people were dieing. He waited to Mrs. Black had her back turned and he stole some money from her purse. He was going to Maryland. And on the Greyhound there he hummed the tune he had listened to, Bulletproof Heart. "Jenny, could you come back home." he sang. It was one of the only lyrics he remembered. That was ironic. His Jenny had left home too. Meanwhile, his Jenny and the others were still unsuspecting of Debrahs and Jennys' moms' plans. Also, since the riot left 4 cops and two bystanders dead, the search had increased considerably and the media was all over this. Some made the MCRmy to be criminals, others made them the victims and the herosof modern society, the latter of the two being the obvious accurate one. Jenny and Dillan sat in the backroom at the abandon train station alone. "Dillan, " said Jenny, "I need to thank you for what you did yesterday. You know, you saved me from that cop. You could've just ran away and probably escaped before the other cops got there. But you risked it for me. Why?" Dillan replied, "We're family now. Wouldn't you have done the same for Alexander?" Jenny was shocked. How did he know about Alexander? But before she could ask, he said, "I saw you two talking at the warehouse. It was a little confusing at first, but the peices were that hard to put together." Jenny frantically asked, "D-does anyone else know?" "No." said Dillan. "But look" he said, "that doesn't matter. We just need to look out for eachother." "I really appreciate you guys accepting me so quickly." said Jenny almost in tears of happiness. "Well, we know a solider when we see one." said Dillan. The next day, Dillan showed up in the mid-afternoon to the train station to find it trashed and evacuated. He was confused. This definately was the right train station, so where was everybody? He continued his search elsewhere.