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Revolution: MCR Pt. 9

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inoyu49's picture
on December 15, 2012 - 1:35pm

the 9th part to my epicdrama

The police struggled to restarin the crowds of protestors: POP and their opposers. However, one of the punk supporters manage to sneak behind a cop and knock him out with a club. The crowds raged and cheered. A riot formed as crowed rushed the police station. A few of the supporters made it to the backroom and found the cells of the MCRmy. They tried to unlock the cells but were tackled by cops and POP members. Outside in the lobby, you could here shots being fired at and by punk supporters. The cops managed to scare of a large portion of the POP members with the gunshots. But, the punks weren't baking off; they managed to overthrow the majority of cops, trampling a few, the remainder of which hid in the breakrooms. The cheif of police was out when the riot started and pulled up to the police station surprised at the broken windows and crowds of people rushing in and out of the station including cops. He reached for his shotgun in the passenger seat and parked his car on the side of the building, out of sight. He left the car and approached the building bravely. He cocked the shotgun with one hand and pushed his way to the inside of the station. One man punched him in the face, and as two others tried to rush him to the ground, he fired a shot, hitting one of the attackers. He died upon being hit, and as the shell dropped a large portion of the punks evacuated. As, some of the cops came out of hiding and scared off the last of the attackers, they check on the backroom to find that the cells were all open. The back window was broken. Somebody had freed them!
Meanwhile, Jenny, Tom, John, Dillan, Stephen, and a large group of teens and young adults that had freed them all walked back to the abandon train station that the others had found and decided on as they're new hideout. They broke open a boarded up door and went inside to set up. They invited the group of people to join the MCRmy and thier cause. One of them, a blonde one named Zach said, "Hold on, i gotta go the others." Him and a few friends left to get even more recruits to join the Resistance. They returned and in all they now had a total of about 33 members. But, unknown to Jenny, her own mother had followed them and planned to expose them. Unknown even to Jennys' mom, Debrah also followed. Just as Jennys' mom turned to go to her car and call the police, Debrah stepped in front of her. "Hello." said Debrah. "God!," exclaimed Jennys' mom, "you scared me half to death. Who are you? You're not one of them are you?" "No, not anymore, at least." replied Debrah. She continued, "But i know them and know their weaknesses. I also know your intentions. I saw you at the POP rally down at the station. I can help you pull something ten times worse than getting them arrested." Jennys' mom knew it would be glorious to show those rebels whos boss and take revenge on her daughter, but she was also her mother, and she couldn't do anything to bad. Her conscious would kill her. "What did you have in mind?" asked Jennys' mom. Debrah smiled.