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Revolution: MCR Pt. 8

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inoyu49's picture
on December 14, 2012 - 3:18pm

the 8th part to my new epic/drama fanfic! plz enjoy...

Jenny and Dillan walked back from their supplier of clorophorm. It was illegal to own clorophorm for illegitimate purposes, of course. So, they had to purchase illegally from a supplier, much like that of drugs. They walked back to their pre-planned meeting spot about a block from the police station with their clorophorm and rags. They spotted from down the block Tom and Stephen on the side of the police station. Good, they're in position, thought Jenny to herself. But than Dillan said "Look!" and they spotted Debrah with a devilish smile walking into the police station. "No!" yelled Jenny. They were close enough for Tom and Stephen to hear her yell. They came out of their suspicious background and said "What's up?" back to them. Jenny and Dillan yelled "Run!" simultaneously, but it was too late. Cops came out of the building looking around. They spotted Tom and Stephen and just as they started to run, they were on the ground, in cuffs. Jenny and Dillan ran before the cops could see them and started to run. They turned a corner, and passed a cop who was not yet aware of who had just ran passed hi. But, he did notice a bottle of clorophorm fall from Jennys' pocket. He yelled "Hault!" But they ignored him. He chased after them and grabbed hold of Jenny. He jerked her wrist towards him and she squealed in fright and pain. It took Dillan a few seconds to realize Jenny was no longer running next to him. He turned and saw Jenny yelling as she struggled and the cop restrained her, reaching for his handcuffs. Dillan ran back. The cop didn't notice him until Dillan said "Hey!" The cop looked up and Dillan said, "Be gentle, she's a lady!" The cop looked confused and Dillan took advantage of this take one swift punch, breaking the cops nose. He looked down at Jenny who was shaking the not-yet-locked handcuff off of her left hand. The ground had scraped her arm and made her bleed slightly. Dillan reached down and said, "Grab my hand." She did so and they ran away. But , they only got a few feet before running into another duo of cops who turned both of them around and put cuffs on them. The police now had almost half of the MCRmy in police custody. The stayed there overnight, waking up to the sound of yelling and chanting outside. They sat up with their stiff backs from sleeping on hard provided beds in a cell at the station. "What the hell is that?" mumbled Tom quietly to Stephen, who shared his cell. Outside the building, there was a rally of angry citizens who had seen the late night news and were aware of thw MCRmy's arrest. They held up picket fences saying "Free the rockers!" and other such motivational lines. This inspired the MCRmy inside the station. But, of course, also outside the station was POP: Parents Opposing Punk. And among them, yelling at the very top of her lungs, was Jennys' mom.