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Revolution: MCR Pt. 7

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inoyu49's picture
on December 12, 2012 - 2:15pm

part 7 of my new epic/drama fanfic! please read and enjoy!!

As the crew got moving again passed the traintracks, Jenny felt terrible for Tom. Tom knew John had only been arrested, but for the position they were in, he might as well've died. With the group now on the run, he might never see him again. Unless, that is, John escaped soon. Then, Jenny hatched a plan. She had always been at this kind of stuff. When she was 13, she used to break her friends out of their rooms when they were grounded or even in detention. They would do some for her. So, now she thought, why not get John out? "Hey!" she exclaimed. "Yeah?" said Tom. "Why don't we get John?" she said. "Well, it's not that simple", said Stephen, "the guys under police custody". "So what?" said Jenny, "It doesn't have to be simple. It just has to work." "Well, what do you got in mind?" said Tom desperately and with obvious hope in his voice. "We could go to the police station and just do what we did at the radio station. Create a diversion, empty out the room, and move in and get John." "But, " said Mary, "The cops wouldn't just leave a criminal alone in the station. They always have at least one person keeping guard. Trust me, i've been in there enough to know." "I got that covered." said Jenny. "How so?" said Stephen. "We're gonna go there, f-ck it, maybe even break a car window again, so the majority rush out, and than we do what you guys did to me the first day we me: clorophorm them!" "Damn it, that just might work!" yelled a boy named Dillan. "Yeah! so lets go get a lead pipe and some clorophormed-up rags!" said Tom. "Alright." said Stephen. "Dillan and Jenny go get the clorophorm and rags. Tom, come with me, we'll get eh pipe and find what room John is in at the police station. The rest of you, break up into a groups of 2 or 3 and find a new hideout. SPLIT!" Jenny and Dillan broke off. This is gonna be awkward, thought Jenny, for she had never had a one on one conversation with Dillan before. But it wasn't that hard, because most of the time, it was just Dillan talking about how he hopes the plans work and telling stories about the MCRmy from before she showed up. Meanwhile, Tom and Stephen snuck proffesionally, naturally, and stealthily over to the police station. They were just about sneak around the back to check the windows for any sign of John, when across the street, Debrah was out for a walk for the first time without fear of being arrested in a while. She spotted and recognized Tom and Stephen sneaking around the police station and decided it would be a perfect time to exact her revenge on Tom for tattling on her and Stephen for finalizing her expultion. And it was all too easy. They didn't suspect a thing, they were already at the police station, all she needed to do was waltz on in and say "Hey! There are two MCRmy members snoopin' around out back." That was it. She smiled at the thought.