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Revolution: MCR Pt. 6

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inoyu49's picture
on December 10, 2012 - 12:53pm

hereugo! pt. 6 of my new epic drama fanfic! enjoy...

"GO!" Somebody yelled. The cops were outside and nobody had to ask to know what they were there for. Jenny scrampbled to get her sleeping bag, clothes, and books. However, she noticed the others took nothing bu food, water, and identification: the essentials. They only took the ID's because if they left them and the cops found him, they would be exposed. Jenny followed and decided to drop her sleeping bag and clothes and all that and just go. For a group of 13 people, it seemed like a stampede. They heard microphones go on, "Come out! We have you surrounded!"But that wasn't true and the MCRmy knew it, because if they were surrounded, there would be lights in the back windows. They throught books and lamps to break the windows so they could jump and hop out. Jenny, along side Tom and Mary, was among the last to leave. She wasn't used to this obviously, but the others looked so natural as they led the way of escape through the woods behind the warehouse. Jenny, while running, counted everybody. Tom, Mary, Stephen, herself, and 8 others. That equaled 12 . But there was supposed to be 13. Where was John! She stopped and fell behind as she looked back at the warehouse she saw John jumping out of the window. She almost ran back to help him until she saw him get dragged back into the window by cops. She increased pace again and caught up with the others. Jenny didn't want to do this: was punk really worth pissing her life away running from cops and vandalising record stores with a group of teens she barely knew. But then she thought of the others: did the others really wanna do this either? NO! Who wants to run from the cops for defending thir lifestyles. But of course punk was worth it! Punk and people like those teens she just met made her who she was. Besides, it's too late to turn back. She was in Maryland, she was an outlaw, and she had just ruined and chances with her mother or brother. The MCRmy was all she had. They finally stopped running once they reached the railroad tracks. Tom stood in front of everyone "Where's John?" he asked the crowd. "Uhm..." said Jenny. All eyes turned to her. She had to say something. "He won't be joining us anytime soon".