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Party Poison goes to the Black Parade [part V “Joining the Black Parade”]

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De_Tox6's picture
on December 8, 2012 - 6:09pm

They were in a strange dark place. It was snowing fallout, but other than that there was no weather. It wasn't the kind of place with weather. Behind them was a ruined city, so old, so quiet, that not even spiders would feel at home there.
But snow was falling, or something much like snow. Maybe it was fall-out. Dynamite Dagger, Cyanide Sunshine, and Mischevious Flame were standing in the middle of the Land of the Dead where all is in shadow.
"So, is this it? Just like that, cuz I don't feel dead!"
"I only felt dead, when I was living!"
"We can't just be dead!!"
"What is the point of hanging on if this is what we inevitably get anyway?"
The answer was silence.
Even though they were not alone, there were other people in that strange place, at least at a distance, they looked like people. Mischevious Flame was going to say something, but his throat was too dry.

Haana was there in half light, half shadow. Half her face was dark like a permanent half-moon. "Why am I here?" she asked, "Because we are not the same," she answered herself.
That was true, none of the others looked like her.
"You are not alone, you are among friends", said the whispery voice of a man in a green shirt with a furry face, looking somewhat fox-like. He was standing next to a jester in a hat with bells, "You are here because this is what you wished for, you chose to join the Black Parade, so did we."
"When does it get here?"
There was strange distant music, like bells. The float, covered in roses came through the fog, through the rubble. The wind was suddenly blowing clean. Said the fox-faced man:
"Well some of us blandly stood by and watched, while others were brainwashed by BLI. So of those I was one.
I allowed it, it seemed like it would be better that way, it was clear to me who was winning! Isn't that how it always is in Real Life? The bad guys win?"
The jester said: "This is Real Death!"
The end for now. I will have part VI ready soon. Keep Running!!