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Revolution: MCR Pt. 4

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inoyu49's picture
on December 8, 2012 - 9:05am

the 4th part to my new fanfic, Revolution: MCR! please spread the word, i noticed that this one doesn't have as many readers so far as my last fanfic, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge! Enjoy!

Jenny asked John, "So, how come it's just us four? How come the other couldn't tag along." "Well," John explained, "If the whol damn group was out here, we would be more noticeable, plus, if we all got pinched by the cops, we would have no other members to keep the MCRmy going." It made sense than. As they walked around to the side of the radio station, Tom and Debrah split from the rest of the group as part of the plan and left Jenny alone with John. She was nervous to talk to him with noone else around. John explained the mission before she even asked, "Ok. So, what's happening is, there is a a fire escape where Tom and Debrah are going. On one of the platforms there is a window that is almost always open. It seems like a great place to break in, but it is the managers office, so there is almost always somebody there. Our job is to create a diversion, something to lore the manager and his buttbuddys out of his office and out of the building. From there, Tom and Debrah sneak in and lock the doors. I'll explan the rest as we go along." Jenny just nodded and trusted John enough not to ask what his plan for the distraction was. John ran around to fron of the building, Jenny running close behind. They saw a car in the front parking lot parked in a reserved spot. The ran up to it, than John pulled a pat from his backpack. Jenny said, "Holy shit." to herself and laughed quietly while John bashed in the window of the car. The alarm went off, John dropped the bat, and the two ran back to the side of the building. Meanwhile, Tom and Debrah heard from fire escape platform that the manager was recieving a phone call. The manager put the call on speaker and kicked his feet up to relax while taking the call with his hands behind his head. "What is it Jimmy?" the manager said into the phone. "Well," the man named Jimmy replied, "Sir, it seems there has been an incident with your' car." "What?!" he exclaimed. "Jimmy, get up here and finish this paperwork while i check on my car!" the manager ran out and just as Debrah and Tom began to crawl through the window, the man named Jimmy walked in and the two jumped back on to the platform before he could see them. "Great, now what?" said Tom. Debrah said, "Screw this!" and jumped through the window, Jimmy turned around and Debrah drew a blunt object and whacked him upside the head knocking him unconscious. "Debby, what are you doing?!" yelled Tom. "Shut up and get in here. Tom climbed in and the two went in and found a vent which they crawled into and out of into the broadcasting room. The drew CD's from their backpacks and played them for the whol state to hear, than retreated along to base along with John and Jenny. Tom was so outraged with Debrah for resorting so quickly to violence, that when he got back to base he demanded her expultion from the group. "You did what?!" yelled a teen named Stephen at Debrah. "You may have just set us back in our work to the beginning!" "Oh, yeah, like the first 13 deaths didn't do it." said Debrah sarcastically. "We were trying to make up for that!" yelled Stephen. The other members of the group just stood back and watched them exchange words. Jenny, despite this definately setting them back a bit, was a little happy that Debrah was probably gonna get expelled. Jenny slept well that night, as comfortable around these people as if she had known them her whole life.