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Revolution: MCR Pt. 3

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inoyu49's picture
on December 7, 2012 - 6:59pm

The 3rd part to my new epic drama fanfic! enjoy...

Jenny was exhilerated to have been accepted so quickly and easily among them. But she knew they were not stupid, so when they gladly asked her test questions about MCR and punk in general, she answered whole-heartedly and with respect. So, she finally asked, "What's next? I mean, what is our next plan to fight for punk acceptance"? Debrah, the skeptical snob, answered, "Well, we were gonna go buy some pot and kick a few homeless people." the others looked surprised. The ugly one said, "What are you talking about? We..." but than was "shushed" by Debrah, who then whispered into his ear, "Relax, i'm just testing her to see if she's for real." The ugly boy said, "Ohhh." and told the other members of Debrahs plan. But it wasn't too long before Jenny blurted "That's ridiculous! You guys can't be serious, i mean, this is the typ of shit we're fighting! The punk steryotypes, the idea that punk rockers are street thugs and potheads, and not just people expressing themselves. If this is what you guys do than i'm out!" The other members smiled. "Good". said the attractive one. "We were hopeing you would say that. We were just seeing if you were for real about your image. Can't be too careful with these things." said Debrah as she threw a bitchy devilish smile at Jenny that eventually turned to a pure deathstare once the others turned around. Jenny knew that Debrah didn't trust her still from that. She didn't know why and she didn't care. She just knew she had to prove herself to Debrha, or prove to the others that she had it out for her. The next day they were out on their first mission with Jenny. "We wanna do something that won't cause the unexpected fatalities that happened last time, but we want to make it big enough to get a nation-wide story on the news, like last time." explained the ugly boy, who had introduced himself as Tom, " And then maybe we can get more recruits like you, Jenny, while at the same time, fighting these laws!" "The f-cked up thing is, " said the attractive boy who had introduced himself as the ugly boys brother, John, "that the last stunt we pulled didn't change a damn thing. In fact, more records are being banned as we speak." "Damn, " said Jenny. "So, what's the plan?" Tom said, "We are gonna break into the radio station about a block from here. And whe are going to play some of the banned CDs' over the air across the whole state. Then we can't be called violent anymore and we rebel for our cause." "But, " said Jenny, "How do we hijack a radio station full of staff without being violent?" "You'll see" said Tom. And she most certainly did.