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Revolution: MCR Pt. 2

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inoyu49's picture
on December 6, 2012 - 4:52pm

The 2nd part to my new epic drama! please enjoy...

Jenny was on a greyhound to Marlyland. She lived in New Jersey, so it was easier than going to Colorado. She wanted to find them, the MCRmy, and be part of them. But with the police on the hunt, it wasn't like she could ask around for them. It was starting sink in that she had completely unexpectadly left her life, her mom, dad, brother, and friends, to save a genre of music from extinction. But to her it was more than just a group of bands and songs, it was a life style. She lived that genre everyday. She stould up for what she believed in and expressed herself no matter how crazy people thought she was. And bands like My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, and others pushed her to be like that. She was happy with her life. So, in a way, fighting for these bands was saving her own life. She snapped out of her deep thought once at the bus station. She left the bus and felt to make sure the lump of stolen cash was still there. She honestly felt bad for robbing her own mother, but she felt she had to do it. She figured she would start her search for the MCRmy by looking for uninhabbited, abandoned, broken down parts of the town, like deserted woods and abondon warehouse; places where people wouldn't usually go. While walking down the unfamiliar streets of a place she barely knew anything about, she realized how long this might take. However, that night, while looking around her 6th 7th warehouse next to the 2nd set of woods she looked through, she turned a corner and felt a hand wrap around her face. She smelt something funny and passed out. Jenny had been clorophormed. She woke up inside the warehouse with a group of 5 girls and 4 boys wearing Misfits, My Cheical Romance, and Green Day shirts hovering over her. "Who are you?" asked a boy with short brown hair she felt was a little ugly. She answered, :Uh... i'm Jenny. Ar.. Are you the MCRmy?" One of the boys, a more attractive one, noticed her Aim For The Face t-shirt and said she's clean. Let's show her around". The other girls picked her up and the group gave her a tour of their punk rock shrine and personal heaven they had created in this wharehouse. She almost cried. But, one girl, a condescending, snobby one named Debrah, was suspicious of Jenny. She thought she might be a spy. She kept her eye on her.