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Revolution: MCR (my newest fanfic)

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inoyu49's picture
on December 5, 2012 - 6:11pm

hey guys, id like to say that it has been a while since i wrote a fanfic. i did my 15 part THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE a while ago and two short fanfic collections, but i wasn't in a state of mind to a full new one until about now. i think you guys will really like this one. thx for all the support and enjoy!

Jenny walked out of her bedroom fully dressed. It was 2:00 AM, a school night, and she got up from blasting her rock records to get a soda. It had been 3 and 1/2 weeks since parents started the special interest group POP- Parents Opposing Punk. The group claimed that punk rock and other genres like post-hardcore and metal promoted, encouraged, and imposed violence and the use of profanity among children and teenagers. Jenny, being a rocker herself, was ashamed to be the daughter of a POP member. Her mother was an active member and protestor to her daughters behavior. And 15 states, including Maryland and Colorado, had already banned the records certain bands such as The Misfits, Macabre, and, by far the most controversial, My Chemical Romance. MCR may not be the most famous or impactful band, but the fans were rising in record numbers to rebel against the anti-punk rock movement. Jenny was relieved that there were people still fighting for there rights. She turned on the news in the living room, quiet enough that her mom would not hear, but loud enough to hear personally. A re-run of the news was on. "I now repeat the most astonishing news in ages." the newscaster stated. "An uprising seems to have began in eastern and mid America, as a group of teenage vandals stormed several record stores in Maryland and Colorado. There rampages eventually broke out into several block long riots that left a total of 12 dead. 1 of the teenagers was captured, the rest escaping. The teenager, identified as Bradley Scott, has not spoken a word about his friends yet. The others remain unfound but have sent anonymous threats via email to the governors and record store owners threatening a repeat of the previous events unless the laws are changed regarding the banning of punk and metal albums. They state the deaths to be unintentional. However, the group of parents known as POP use last nights example as proof of Punk Rocks negative impact. Government officials have begun to callthe group of teenagers a "terrorist organization". Surprisingly, hundreds of teenagers and young adults support the movement of the rebels via facebook, tumblr, and band websites." Jenny was shocked at this news. The newscaster continued, "The group has been called the "Rebellion", "Resistance", and the 'Society Against Society'. But based on the t-shirts the teens were seen wearing and the records the teens stormed the stores to find, they have become most commonly known as...
... the MCRmy." Jenny gasped. She went up stares, put on her "Art is the Weapon" t-shirt, stole some money from her mothers purse, and left that night. She was a rebel. She was... a killjoy.