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Doghouse Wars Prologue

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Chemical_Insanity's picture
on December 4, 2012 - 3:52pm

As promised, here's my new fanfic It's called Doghouse Wars (for the moment)... title might change.


California 2012

"Serah! Serah! Look what I just got in the mail!" called out a black haired teen. Her hair was short and her eyes an electric blue, eyes that sparkled now with excitement now as she held a package in her hand.

A young girl with blonde and brown eyes looked out of her bedroom window to see her best friend waving enthusiastically to her.

"Serah!" the black haired called again. "Get your ass down here!"

"Alright, alright I'm coming!" the blonde growled back before roaming through her two-story house and to the living room door. She didn't have time to say a word when her best friend tackled her, sending her staggering back a few steps.

"I just got Danger Days!"

"Wait what now?" Serah replied.

Her friend held up a slim package, more like and envelope, and waved it in front of Serah's face.

"Danger Days! You know... The new My Chemical Romance album?

Serah blinked a few times, then looked from the package to her friend and back again.

"Oh you're mean!" she finally scowled.

"Well, I wasn't going to listen to it without you..."

Serah instantly brightened. "And that's why I love you Kagome."

"Love you too. Now come on! I wanna finally listen to this!"


"My god. That's a really great album." Serah commented as she helped herself to another Cheetoh.

"I know! And wouldn't it be weird if what MCR's vision of 2019 actually comes true?" Kagome replied.

Serah gave a laugh. "Dude, if that actually happened we'd all be fucked."

"Do you think it will though?"

"That kind of technology would take more than nine years to develope..." Serah mused. "So no."

"But say it did..."

"Kagome, there isn't even a Better Living Industries-"


Serah went on without fazing. "-and even if there was, I'm sure there's no fucking psycos who want to take over JUST California, let alone in that fashion."

"You really think so?" Kagome asked.

"Bet your ass and a My Chemical Romance t-shirt I do."