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Oh life.

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yazminMCR's picture
on December 1, 2012 - 8:17pm

Oh life why are you so horrible and cruel. I hate life so much. Today was just plain horrible. First when we were putting the x-mas tree up my mom kept yelling at me to do it better like if it was my job. Then later she decides to yell at me and call me fat a** and because I am so fat and ugly that I was going to die alone and she wouldn't feel bad just because I started to make a fucking sandwich that I didn't eat anymore because I lost my appetite for the whole day. Later on when I said that I was going to walmart to buy some makeup she then said that makeup won't fix how ugly and fat I am. When I get back she started to yell at me again (what a shocker) and told me that I am such an embarrassment to her and the whole family and that she dose not want me near her in public. She also said that if I ever where to disappear and that no one would notice and no one would care. Well mom your wish is my command because I also don't want to be around you ever again! Also I am sick and tiered of trying to be perfect daughter that you always wanted, hope you have better luck with my little sister. I also feel that no one would notice and no one would care if anything happened to me. Late on my "friend" texted ranting about how she couldn't go to a party and when I tried to tell her what had happened to me with my mom she said that she had more important things to do that listen to me rant. So their I ranted in here because on here I feel that people do care about me even if they don't know me. Well I'm so sorry that all I ever do is rant on here I'll try not to rant as much because I bet it gets really annoying. I feel alone in this whole wide world, like a spec in the galaxy that no one car

es for.