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rude awakenings...

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funghoul2019's picture
on October 14, 2012 - 10:10pm

so today i had a lot of things that pissed me off, it was a good day don't get me wrong, i went to the mall and got some new stuffs and that was nice but my over all luck for the day as well as timing was way off... my mom and i woke up late and ended up not making it to this walk for my friend with diabetes and i felt like a jerk for missing but we met up with them for lunch and every thing worked out ok, any way as the day went on i went into my favorite store for some clothing for myself and i couldn't find the jeans i had been looking forward to buying for a long time, i know i should let jeans get to and that people have it a lot worse than i do but i was still kinda sad, any way i got over it. wile walking in the mall i spotted a Verizon stand and went to ask about my phone and stuffs about my upgrade and when my contract expired, and apparently my contracts ends in febuary and my upgrade isn't until may, i was like what the fudge cakes? that makes no sense, so anyway i asked what i could get for my upgrade and apparently from when i was on a plan with two other people they took MY upgrade and used it to buy their barely passing 8th grade son a new iPhone, what the butter nuts right??? later on in the night my friend got a new puppy and she had been telling me and my other friend(we are like sisters we are so close at this point in our friendship) about it at lunch and we told her to call us when she got it , she didn't and apparently two of her other friends who i know from being best friends that she doesn't like them very much, so yeah i saw that all over ma facebook and kinda put me in a bad mood so that really pissed me off, but life goes on and i have to be thankful for what i have and know that there is another side to every story, so hope u guys have a good night...

keep running and never let them take you alive
p.s almost forgot, sorry for complaining so much just needed to talk