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inoyu49's picture
on October 11, 2012 - 5:02pm

Hey readers, yesterday i ended my drama story Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge with Pt.13/Finale. It ended at 13 partly because i wanted to pay homage to the fact there was 13 songs on the album. Besides from the main 13 entries, there also part spin-off. I also thought you guys would be interested in the story BEFORE the story. Here u go!

Gerard showed up at Helenas apartment wearing his ski-mask. He knew he looked suspicious. But it was better than letting everyone see the face of Gerard Way, the famous murderer and robber. He knocked on her apartment door. She recognized the ski-mask immediately and said, "Come in." He walked in with his hands in his pocket, but took his left hand out to close the door behind him and his right to pull off his ski-mask and toss it on the couch. He sat down next to his mask and Helena sat next to him. "So what's up?" said Helena. "Nothing" said Gerard, 'Just wanted to discuss the profits." refering to the bank robbery they had committed earlier. "What about them." said Helena as she place her elbows on her legs and placed the palms of her hand on her chin, making her look cuter than ever. Gerard almost idn't want to say what he had say, knowing it would definately anger her. "Well," he started, " i just thought we should split it... uhm... 60/40. With the 60 going to me.... n-not to upset you but... i-i did do most of the work." At first Helena looked as though she was taking this into consideration calmly. Until she stood up. She yelled, "You peice of shit! You're trying to smuggle me out of my half AGAIN!" "No! I just thought it was fair. I-if you want the 60 %, have it. I don't care!" Gerard yelled back in fear of his woman. She said, "F--k you! You know what, i could better partner in crime than you, you greedy asshole!" Gerard stood up, now in anger. "I am not greedy!" he yelled at her. She almost burst into tears of anger as she ran to the kitchen, near the cabinet with the gun in it. He yelled, "Don't you dare go for the gun!" as he reached for his own packed in the back of his belt. She didn't attempt it, however, she just reached for a dish and tossed it at Gerard. He ducked just in time to avoid and for it to hit the wall. Now, Gerard pulled out his own gun. He almost shot but couldn't bring himself to shoot his love. Helena was different, however. She got the gun from the cabinet and shot Gerard in the upper chest fatally. Gerard fell bleeding on to the couch, dropping his gun in the process. She rushed over and stole his gun from the floor. She calmly walked to the phone, called in an anonymous tip to the police, and fled the scene.

JUST SAYING: I will not make any other stories related to 3 cheers following this one!