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inoyu49's picture
on October 10, 2012 - 12:42pm

The 13th and... (sniffles) last entry to my drama story based on the great album. this is the last entry because i feel if i drag this story out much longer i would have a brain fart and it would become ultimately boring and/or aggrevatingly stupid. Enjoy... 4 the last time.

Gerard and Helena stood side by side as their backs inched closer to the firey gates. Helena kept the demons and Satan at bay and unable to stop them with Satans deadly pitchfork. Helena and Gerard were both only a foot from the firey gates. Gerard kept his eyes glued on Satan in case he tried something. But it seemed Satan didn't need to try anything for something funny to happen. Even the demons were surprised at the following events. It seemed as though Hell was collapsing: in the distance Hells volcanos erupted, the biggest mountains were experiencing avalanches. The fires in the pits and at the gates raged enough so suddenly that Gerard and Helena flinched and looked behind them. But even the demons were to confused and awe stricken to try anything while Gerard and Helena had their backs turned. Then everything slowly became silent. Even the avalanches didn't make a noise. And then Gerards vision went completely black. And it stayed that way for a while. It seemed like all his senses failed. Silence. Darkness. Nothingness... and then Gerard faintly heard it. He heard alot of talking, too quiet to make out what they were saying. And then he heard carts moving and faintly a machine beeping. And then the voices grew louder. A man said, "We're losing him!" Another man yelled, "Hold on! ... clear!" and then a shock sound came. The man again yelled, "Hold on... clear!" and then the shock. Only this time Gerard felt the shock. And then his vision returned, very blurry. He saw a two men and a woman hovering over him, with blood on their shirts. They were all wearing the same matching blue gowns or... scrubs. They were all wearing matching mouth masks to protect from bacteria and bloody rubber gloves. And then Gerards vision was fully repaired. He was in a hospital. He was confused. Where was Satan? Where was Helena? Where was Hell? And then a memory came to him. Helena and him had had a fight in her apartment after escaping the bank robbery. Gerard had tried to hit her and she... shot him. Which explained the hospital. And then it became clear that Hell had all been a dream. Gerard then realized what was gonna happen. He dreaded the prison cell he was gonna occupy when the police found out they had the famous Gerard Way, bank robber and murderer, in hospital custody. And as the doctors smiled at the life they had saved, Gerard cried. But he wasn't going down alone. He was gonna take that bitch Helena down with him. That's what she gets for trying to kill him. And he was actually trying to save her from Satan only 10 minutes ago.