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inoyu49's picture
on October 9, 2012 - 5:12pm

The 12th part of my drama story. enjoy! I included 2 pictures since this one's a little short!

Helena looked passed Satan and the two demons and saw the fire filled entrance to Hell. It was guarded dozens of demons. But Helena saw it as their only hope. She said, "Gerard, behind them!". Gerard looked passed them and saw what Helena saw. He thought the same thing as she did. As the two demons neared closer on Satans command, Gerard put his brain to work. Helena, however, already had a plan. She ran to the other way. The two demons chased her. Gerard was left to face Satan. Gerard ran forward and passed Satan, towards the gates... and the demons. Satan and chased and Gerard became surrounded. Gerard didn't care about the demons. He would not turn his back to Satan for a second, for he was the most dangerous. However, it was the demons behind him that pounced him to the ground. And as he lay there being beaten dizzy by the demons that sat on top of him, he saw through the blur Helena running toward him followed by both demons. But Helena had something... Satans pitchfork. She ran past Satan knocking him out of the way with his own pitchfork. She scared all the demons off of Gerard and helped him up. The smiled quickly at each other and then inched slowly towards the gates away from the demons.