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inoyu49's picture
on October 8, 2012 - 7:12am

to clear the misconception that my last entry to this story was to be the last entry, i'll tel u all now, it wasn't. This is the 11th part to my drama story based on the great album... enjoy!

Helena lay in a pit of tears against the hot stone wall as she was whipped across the stomach. Gerard could only watch, for how was he going to get them out of this mess? If Satan hadn't tried to cheat him into bringing him innocent souls, Gerard would still have a chance. Gerard stood shirtless against the hot wall as he was whipped. Then slowly Gerard hatched a plan. "Helena," said Gerard "do you remember that day when we met, you told me it gets harder?" "Yeah" replied Helena. "Well, it did" said Gerard as an evil smile came across his face. Helena was confused at first, until she realized what he was doing. "You have a plan, don't you?" said Helena. Gerard nodded with the smile still glued to his face. Gerard waited til the scorching whip came to his face and caught it in his mouth, burning his mouth and almost cracking his teeth. But as much as Gerard wanted to squeal in pain, he couldn't open his mouth or the plan would be ruined. He pulled the whip toward him using his mouth, dragging the demon who controlled the whip with him. And when the demon flew forward onto his knew, Gerard mercilessly stomped out the evil angels head. The other demon rushed to stop Gerard, but Gerard kicked him into the range of Helenas' feet so she could stomp him out. Helenas' demon had the keys to he chains on a belt. Helena attempted to kick the keys off the belt and into Gerards' hands. She succeeded and Gerard twisted his hand in an odd position so he could take the right chain of his right hand. He unlocked his left hand and then went to assist Helena. But after Helena was rid of both chains, Satan appeared in front of them and both of he demons they had stomped got back up. None of them looked happy.