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inoyu49's picture
on October 7, 2012 - 4:53pm

the 10th part of my drama story based on the album. sorry i skipped writing the story yesterday but i had some crappy ideas and some writers block and i didn't want to give u guys less than i was capable of. enjoy please!

Gerard went snooping around the house in search of a reason to kill off this woman. He found absolutely nothing. He decided to drop the case until as he was tip toeing out of the house het came over his body. He stripped himself of the hoody which he had stolen from the gang member and threw it over his shoulder. He was still sweating like crazy. Then he was surrounded by fire. He was in Hell. Satan appeared in front of him, startling Gerard. Satan grabbed Gerard and shook him. "What the hell are you doing?!" Satan yelled. "What?" Gerard yelled back. "That woman is evil." Satan yelled. As Satan ranted about the sins she's committed in her lifetime, Gerard started to think that Satan had lied to Gerard about his last two victims and that Gerard was bringing him innocent spirits. He also thought Satan was planning to lie in the same way to get him to kill this woman. Gerard displayed this idea to Satan, but it only angered him. "That's it, Gerard. Times up. You and Helena are through. You guys are gonna have to settle for spending eternity in Hell together!" And as demons came behind Gerard to drag him to the fire pits, Satan laughed as he looked into his eyes. Gerard ended up next to his lover for the first time in months. Helena smiled, even as she was being tortured. Gerard smiled too for the first time since this had all started. But both of their smiles faded when they realized they were both doomed if they were both in Hell at the same time! Gerard was chained next to Helena against a burning stone wall and whipped with a burning whip as his punishment. He had to come up with a plan. Both his and Helenas' souls depended on it.

There you go guys! I think my creativity struggle is over.