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inoyu49's picture
on October 3, 2012 - 2:17pm

this is a ONE TIME ONLY spin off to my story Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge based off of the great album... enjoy!

Frank and Mikey walked down the street smoking their newly acquired marijuana. "Frank." Mikey said. "Yeah?" Frank replied. "Well," Mikey started, "do you think we're really cut out to be druggys like this? I mean like, stealing your parents alcohol is one thing, buying pot from a class mate is another." "Shut up and get the spraypaint out of my backpack." Frank replied. Mikey went behind Frank and opened his backpack to retrieve the green and red spraypaint. They were'nt planning to do anything worse than write a few curse words. Well, at least Mikey wasn't. Frank was plotting to go around the corner to gang territory to spraypaint a rival gangs logo and get them all fired up. He thought it would be funny. But even while he spraypainted "Shit" on a brick wall, Mikey had misfeelings about it. He didn't think what he was doing was right. He knew if he said something, though, Frank would just call him a pussy and boss him around. It was around this time Frank spotted out of the corner of his eye a threatening man a few years older than himself come strolling down the street sporting a leather jacket and long black hair. Frank found him self surprised when the man approached the two boys. The man said, "You boys looking to try something a little harder?" and displayed a bag of cocaine. "Hell yeah!" Frank said almost instinctively. Mikey could already see the turnout. "Frank," he said, "are you sure about this? Cocaine's some hard shit. You know what they do to guys like us in prison." it was then that Frank had blocked out the rest of Mikeys rant from his ears. When he snapped back realizing Mikey had stopped talking he said, "Shut up. Don't be a pussy" and turned to the man. "How much?" he asked. "This times free." the man said as he poured cocaine into mini bags and handed them to both boys. The man hurried away. Frank said, "C'mon, Mikey. Let's get out of here and try this shit on for size!" They went back to Franks house and jetted passed his parents up to his room. Frank got the drugs set up for both to take. "Y-you go f-first" said Mikey. "Whatever, pussy" said Frank as he snorted away. Mikey watched the look of accomplishment come across Franks face. Just as Mikey started to consider actually trying it, Frank fell over, seemingly from an overdose. Mikey knew he was dead. He just stared in awe until calling Franks parents to come up stares.

Just a note for all my readers, this story won't make as much sense unless you read pt. 4 and 5 of my story Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. :)