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inoyu49's picture
on October 2, 2012 - 3:47pm

The 7th part of my drama story based on the great album! Please enjoy...

Gerard realized by the time he left the police station that the sun was up and lights started to go on in houses. He had to kill time, and hopefully people, untill night when he wouldn't be seen behind the police station with whatever supplies he would bring. He didn't know how to travel incognito all day, though. The months before that he had been collecting souls he had never been suspected of any crimes, let alone been on the news. Gerard realized he still had the drugs. It would be even worse for him if he got caught with them during the day. Especially laced drugs! He had to be especially careful. He wondered around that day in alleys and backstreets to avoid being seen by the small population of the public that actually cared about crime in that town. The majority of residents were gangbangers and robbers themselves. When it finally got slightly dark, Gerard saw two thugs with opposing gang colors on get into a knife fight, Gerard drew his knife. He heard them yell things throughout the fight and finally put it together the the fight was over one of their "hoes". He speedwalked over and broke up the fight by cutting the larger ones throat first. As the man fell to the ground, the other man attempted to cut his arm. Gerard turned around and gave the man a deathly stare. The man didn't seem impressed and tried again to cut him. Gerard stabbed him in the face and dragged him into an alley. Gerard stripped the man of his clothes and bandana and traded clothes with the man. Gerard attempted to bundle his large amount of hair into the mans Green bandana so as to hide his easily recognizable hair. He entered the market with his new unknown apearance and purchased gasoline and matches. He left and by the time he arrived at the police station it was dark enough to strike he went back to the same window he was at yesterday and observed the room was empty and the window was unlocked. Gerard entered the window and started pouring gasoline on the floor. He peered out of the office, saw the hallway was empty and tiptoed down the hallways while spilling gasoline. He peered into another office, which was occupied, but the one next to it wasn't. He walked in and poured gasoline on the floor and desk. He exited only to be noticed by a cop who had noticed the gas on the floor as well. Gerard pulled his knife. The cop attempted to shoot him, but it did nothing. Gerard ran forward cutting the mans throat and almost slipping on his own gasoline. He ran down the hall and out the front door spilling gasoline the whole way. He had been seen by a number of cops. He through a match directly before leaving the building. It went up in flames, illuminating the night sky. Gerard had no time to look though. He ran to a safe very dark alley far away, abandoned his gasoline and matches, and ran towards another far away alley where he rested. The deed was done.