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inoyu49's picture
on October 5, 2012 - 1:23pm

the 9th part to my drama story based on the album. srry if this one sucks, i've been having a little creativity struggle recently. plz enjoy!

As Gerard stared down at the mutilated corpse of this woman who had cheated on her husband, he felt like he had done something good. That was the only time, alive and dead, he enjoyed and was proud of killing someone. Mostly because he took it so personally, due to his own experience with his ex-girlfriend. He turned around to see the bleeding corpse of the neighbor man. He turned back around and decided to hang around this house for a while. It would give him a secure place to live that cops wouldn't suspect because other people own, well, ownED the house. He didn't have to go snooping around alleys as much. He checked the fridge and learned it was stocked conveniantly. He checked the dead mans wallet to learn his name was Matt Pelissier. He through Matts and the womans bodies into the basement and cleaned up the mess just in case anyone did suspect him and came snooping around. Gerard found his way to a computer room with a couch in it. After looking around the web to see just how famous his reign of crime has become, it had gotten late and he fell asleep on he couch. He dreamed of Helena being on that couch right next to him. When he woke up his vision was still slightly blurry from the deep sleep. He woke up to see two faces in a picture on the computer desk. He made out the first face: Matt. After squinting a bit, he made out the second face: a blonde haired woman. It then hit him that they were in formal clothes... at a wedding. Gerard feared the worst. He tip toed through the house to the bedroom and peered in. His fears were confirmed. There was the same blonde haired female face sleeping in that bed. The man he killed had a wife and she was bound to notice her husband missing soon... unless he found a reason to kill her too.