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inoyu49's picture
on October 4, 2012 - 1:13pm

the 8th part of my drama story based on the great album.. enjoy! THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF PT. 7, NOT PT. SPIN OFF!!

Gerard rested into it got slightly light outside. He was at a definate 38 souls including the gang members he killed, the police officer in the station and the one kid who actually took the cocaine. He didn't suspect the other kid, Mikey he recalled his name was, would actually take it, for he seemed skeptical. Gerard couldn't wait to see how many he took out in the police station. He found when peering through a window of a house at the TV that the total body count of police were a wopping 59! 59+38=97. He was almost 1/10 of his way done. Even at such a low number, it sounded like more than it was. As he walked out of the back yard, he saw a woman come from around the front side of the house into the backyard. He quickly jumped into a tool shed to avoid being seen. It was then, of all the times worst times, that Satan cme to him. First he just heard Helena yelling, then came Satan laughing, then finally the image of Helena in the pit of fire called Hell. Then Satan came to him and spoke to his face. Hey, Gee, just catching you up again. Don't forget where Helena is. Hell! At least you showed me and her you cared with that daring police stunt." Satan blurted. He continued, "But still, you've a long way to go. So, just because you've made me proud with that last stunt, i'll give you some assistance. Peer out of the shed." Gerard did as he was told. "You see that lady who lives in this house?" Satan said. "Yeah". replied Gerard. "Well, she's been cheating on her husband with her neighbor. There, now you have a reason to kill 'em both." Said Satan. Gerard almost said thanks, but then he remembered who he was talking to. Gerard snapped out of the vision, almost at tears from the sight of Helena, and drew his knife. The lady was bent over in the opposite direction watering her plants. Gerard raised his knife up high and drove into her spine, paralyzing her. He decided to torture her before killing her because he felt for her husband. He knew what it felt like to be cheated thanks to a girlfriend he had prior to Helena. He put the girl over his shoulder and barged into the neighbors house. He could only imagine the neighbors confusion. He laid the paralyzed girl on the couch next to him, shocking the neighbor. He dragged the man by the hair into the view of the paralyzed neighbor woman and quickly cut his throat. He then slowly walked over to the woman and and raised his knife. The rest is pretty obvious...