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inoyu49's picture
on October 1, 2012 - 1:25pm

The 6th part of my drama story based on the album. This one is dedicated to all of those who've supported me, whether it be one person or 1,000! enjoy!

Gerard was walking down a street. He didn't know what street, he had dozed off and stopped paying attention. Sure enough, he passed the cemetary. Gerard thought about it, but decided not to go in. But as he walked away, Satans voice hit his head like a ton of bricks. "Gerard!" he yelled. Gerard jumped in surprise. His vision went black. "Helena is still waiting. And at the pace you're moving, it's almost like... well, like you don't care!" Satan said to Gerard. Gerard yelled back, "Don't you dare say that, you bastard!" Satan just laughed. As Satans laugh faded, however, Gerard realized he was right. He was moving so slowly. Gerard could only imagine Helenas dissapointment and agony. Gerard had to keep moving! After his vision returned, he ran to find someone. As he ran down the street, he passed a house with an open curtain through which you can see the TV. Something caught his attention. He stopped and stared at the TV. His face was all over the news! He must've made too much of a scene at the tavern. Not that he was really worried about what the cops would do to him, but it would definately be a setback to luring people into traps if they new who he was and what he had done. The worst part was the sun was almost up all the way and people would be flooding the streets soon. He found his way to the police station and went around back. He knew it was dangerous, but he wanted desperately to find a reason to kill them all to kill two, no, in fact, three birds with one stone: He would get the cops of his back, add new souls to his list, and all the criminals would come running free thinking they could do what ever they wanted, meanwhile Gerard was just waiting. He peered into a window to an office and saw a small couch with a green blanket on it and two lumps moving beneath it. Then, a cop and a dirty woman emerged from beneath it. The cop handed her a lump of money and left. Over the course of 45 minutes, several other cops entered and exited with the same routine. PROSTITUTION! CORRUPTION IN THE FORCE! This was gold! Gerard would do something, but not that morning. He would wait until if fades to black, then he would really give em hell, as Satan had said. Now, if only he could figure out a way to set a fire...