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inoyu49's picture
on September 28, 2012 - 2:38pm

The 3rd part of my drama story based on the album... enjoy!

With the thought of Helena still fresh in his mind, Gerard thought of a place where he can find entire groups of the damned and take their souls. Gerard thought of the tavern on the other side of town. There were always barfights, prostitution, drug-trafficking. Seemed like a prime place for the damned. Gerard headed towards the other side of town. It was still dark. There were clouds but he didn't get the feeling it was going to rain. By the time he reached the tavern his legs were tired. He opened the door to the tavern and immediately stuck out like a sore thumb. His thin torso in a leather jacket with long black hair was a large contrast from the large tough bodies of the thugs that inhabited the dirty tavern. The drinkers were all fit with crew cuts and similar haircuts. They each had many intimidating tattoos, scars, and a frown. Gerard took a seat on a bar stool next to one of the smaller men. His knife was tucked securely in his jacket. The man turned to him and stared. Gerard felt that he was doing something suspicious, but Gerard wasn't doing much of anything accept sitting. Maybe that was suspicious: He was just sitting, doing nothing. Gerard stared back at the man. The man said, "You ain't from round these parts, are you?" "No, sir." Gerard replied confidently but respectfully. "Figures," said the man, "you look like some kind of a fruit." Gerard took immediate offense. But he didn't want to start anything yet. Everyone was staring at him, on their guards. He ignored the mans comment and ordered a drink. By the time he got his drink everyone had turned away. Gerard sipped about half of his drink in one shot and quickly and suddenly pulled out his knife. He fatally cut the man next to him. Immediately guns were drawn and fired by the other thugs but Gerard wasn't affected by the bullets. He was immortal. He fatally cut as many people as he could on his way to the door. He ran outside to a safe distance so that he could rest. He must've got about 13 souls in one shot!