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inoyu49's picture
on September 30, 2012 - 12:10pm

the 5th part of my drama story based on the great album... really hope u like!

Gerard looked down at the bloody corpse of the man who had stolen the drugs and killed his dealer. He looked down at his bulging pocket and pulled the cocaine from it. He had a devilish idea at that moment that almost made him smile. But he didn't think he could smile again until he saw Helenas face. He went to the market about 1 mile away. He walked in and slowly paced up and down the isles looking for something. Finally, he spotted it: clear rat poison. He purchased the poison and little bags and left the store. He went about a block away and found a dark alley with no one in it. He sat beside a trash can, hiding his face from the brighter side of the alley. He pulled the cocaine from his pocket and the rat poison from the shopping bag. He opened the bag of cocaine and poured the rat poison in the bag. He closed the bag and mixed up the cocaine. He opened the bag and sat for a little while to let it dry. He deserted the empty bottle of rat poison and paced the city streets to find someone interested in buying his laced cocaine. He spotted two kids smoking marijuana acroos the street from him while the spraypainted graffitti. He approached them and said, "You boys interested in trying something a little harder?". "Like what?" The older boy replied. Gerard displayed the bag of cocaine. The older boy smiled and said, "Hell yeah!" but the younger one looked worried and said, "Are you crazy, Frank? That's some mean shit!". "Don't be a wuss, Mikey." replied the older one. "C'mon", the younger one continued, "You know what they do to guys like us in prison! Young, scrawny, we're prime targets for... well you know." "Shut up." said the older one and turned to Gerard, "How much?" "This time's free." said Gerard as he poured a little of the cocaine into two of the smaller bags he purchased from the market. He handed them the bags and put away the big bag. The older one smiled at Gerard and said, "Thanks!". Gerard kept the same blank expression and walked away. That oughta kill them off, Gerard thought as he walked away to find more "customers". He just hoped their souls were worth his time.