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inoyu49's picture
on September 29, 2012 - 8:16am

the 4th part to my drama story based on the album... enjoy!!

So, now Gerard was at 34 souls. But out of 1,000, that wasn't that much. As he walked farther away from the tavern, he saw the clouds start to gather, but through them he could still see the sun slowly come up. Gerard thought he should expand from this town Satan had placed him in, but first he wanted to milk it for all it was worth. He wanted to drain it of the entire hellbound population. He passed by the bowling alley. As he walked passed, he heard noise coming from behind the building. It sounded like laughing. Gerard went to inspect. He peeked around the corner of the building and saw a happy drug dealer handing a large amount of cocaine to a man. His happier customer looked as though he was reaching for his money, but instead pulled a revolver and shot two shots into the upper chest of the dealer. The man took the drugs and ran around the corner of the building only to come face to face with Gerard. The man thought nothing of it as he shot Gerard and ran the other way. Gerard walked towards him. The man, who had not gone far yet, heard Gerards footsteps in the gravel. He turned back around to see him walking unaffected by the bullet and come to a pause. The man stared in confusion and awe. "What the hell are you?" he said. Gerard replied by drawing his knife. The man, who can not see the kinfe correctly through the newly risen fog, said, "What do you got there?". "I'll give you a hint," said Gerad, "It's not a fashion statement." Gerard ran at the man and pounced on his chest with the knife, which drove through his torso like nothing. Gerard got back on his feet and said to the dead man, "It's a f-cking deathwish".