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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

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inoyu49's picture
on September 26, 2012 - 5:12pm

My new drama story. hope you like...

"Damn". He had tripped again. Gerard picked himself up and then picked up the gravestone he had knocked over. This the fourth time in a week he got drunk and went to the Cemetary to visit his own grave. For you see, Gerard was dead. Several years before him and his wonderful girlfriend Helena had been a sort of modern age Bonny and Clyde when they were gunned down in the desert. Gerard wanted desperately to just go on to a proper afterlife instead of roaming the Earth. But Helena had gone to Hell. He was in purgatory when Satan approached with an offer. "Come Here, Gerard". Gerard heard the voice of Satan and his memory of him echo in his head "Helena is with me now. But don't worry, she still has a chance. You bring me the souls of 1,000 hellbound men, and Helena is all yours to roam around the Earth together." Gerard remebered his reaction. "... Yes." He had said. and as he walked back onto the Earth to begin killing off his damned victims, he heard Satan say, "Give 'em Hell, Kid" and laugh. Gerard snapped back to present time. He was moving way to slowly. He had been back to the Earth for two months and only killed 20 of his 1,000 souls needed. He put down his bottle of beer on his gravestone and walked out. There was man down the street, a man stalking a woman. Gerard saw the woman increase pace and run into an alley. He saw the man chase her and he heard her screams. "We got another winner" said Gerard as he drew his knife and headed towards the alley...