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My day sucked so much...

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grey_sunlight22's picture
on August 30, 2012 - 5:19pm

I didn't make it at PE class... I had to do this stupid exam about volleyball practise (just for the record, I suck at sports). My parthner left me alone and didn't take it with me. She just went with another girl and passed the friggin exam, while I was alone, feeling like a stupid.
I bit myself, twice. It's kinda my way of punishing myself when I'm feeling useless and dumb. I did it because I couldn't run into my headphones and just listen to music to feel better. I forgot my headphones, and I think that's the worst thing in the whole day. So I bled a little, which was amazing, cause I never bleed when I bite myself. Finally I cried and cried and I dunno why I did it.
Now I'm feeling a bit better... but still just wanna dissappear from earth :(