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speechless's picture
on August 5, 2012 - 10:26am

My dad played volleyball yesterday with uncle and the rest of the family. His leg hurts since yesterday,my grandfather took him to the hospital two hours ago, I found out that he has inflammation of the Achilles tendon and will have operations. I didn't go with them to hospital cause Grandma told me to stay home because someone had to come.
You know what worries me? :
I don't really care about it. Please don't blame me for it, but it's truth... I don't care about anything...and I don't understand it. I don't feel like hanging out with friends
I would shut myself away in the room... but I feel guilty for what had happened...Maybe if I'd go with them yesterday to my dad, nothing would have happened and I don't want him to think I don't love him.
For several days I have a often headache . I couldn't sleep tonight. By mistake I took the wrong medication... but it's ok they have the same application.
I understand if you say I'm stupid
I don't know why I behave this way
I can't explain it