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I've been to wales!

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MCRnum1fan97's picture
on August 5, 2012 - 9:52am

hello killjoys i've had a 2 day holiday -,-
but it was fun i went with my mum and one of my sisters and when we got off the train in cardif we were trying to find a place to stay then spend half an hour waiting for a bus that wasnt going to come. yeah. BUT.......... during that wait we met tom jenkins from straight lines! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we got a picture with him too and a 9 second video because the stupid camera was on the wrong setting for some reason. (for any one that dont know of straight lines tom is the lead singer and they are completly worth the time to search for on youtube.)

we finaly found somewhere to stay, it was a shitty camp site in the middle of nowhere but on the way there we was able to take a look around blackwood. it was awesome. the was this shop called impact and i saw this bass that i fell in love with but of course i couldnt have it sadly. the bass it self was like 500 pounds or so and then few extra hundred for a bass amp and pedals so there was not a chance of me getting it any time soon. but it was a georgous bass.

so, how have you been killjoys.