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Of Good Days and Randomness

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KariNicole's picture
on July 27, 2012 - 11:09am

Hi everyone! Yesterday wasn't all that great of a day. Morelike the past few days havent been. I was tired, had no energy, didnt wanna do anything sides sleep, but i tried anyways and got some stuff done and helped my sister on her new favorite game Kingdom Hearts, didn't hole myself up in my room letting it get to me. Today i'm in a lot better of a mood though. =) I dunno how or why. Maybe all that listening to Tokio Hotel and BVB lol. And getting to talk to a friend i havent talked to in a while last night. Today my day has consisted of apple cinnamon muffins, ramen, way too much soda, cleaning, and tokio hotel. =) Its a nice, lazy day. Though i do have stuff i need to get doing, like buying my textbooks for college - classes start in a few weeks. I've been spending a lot of quality time with my little sister, which is nice. Even if she's like half my age we have a lot of the same interests, like art and video games. I need to catch up on my degrassi today, too. though the new episode isn't really as interesting as some of them have been cause i personally dont care too much for yet another pregnancy storyline. I liked the last few where they had something new and different, with eli directing the play with the gay guys version of romeo and juliet. So anyways, me aside how's everyone else's day going?

Keep running!
~ Kari